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Houston International Airport Train Transfers

When you arrive at IAH, you have several transfer options that can take you to your further destination. Besides rental cars, vans, and taxis you can also take public transportation.

The easiest way to get to Houston is by bus. Please refer to our bus section page for further details.

Once you get to Downtown Houston, you will find a train station for your convenience.

Houston Amtrak Train Station

The most popular train station in Houston is the Houston Amtrak Station. It assists as the departure point for more than 70 daily trips from Houston to various destinations, including New York, Newark, and Philadelphia, among other places.

The location of the Houston Amtrak Station is 902 Washington Ave, Houston, TX, United States. It is placed 25.9 miles from George Bush Intercontinental Airport and just 0.6 miles from the city center. The walk from the city center will typically take about 14 minutes.

The cost of the ticket depends on your final destination. However, you can get to New York for $149, to Los Angeles for $116, to Atlanta for $74, and to Denver for $199. These are just some examples.

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